Research Forum on Mental Health and Digital technology

The WISH Digital Mental Health Revolution: Transforming Care Through Innovation And Scale-Up report reviews how to prepare and navigate new approaches of assessment, support and treatment, latest innovations and their potential to address some of the most critical health needs in high, middle and low-income countries in the field of mental health.

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17 Nov
3:00 pm
4:15 pm
Mental Health and Digital Technology

Forum Panel – 75mn

In no area of global health is the gap between need and treatment greater than mental health and this is even more true of digital mental health, where in recent years there has been an explosion of new technologies for assessment, support and treatment. Properly managed, these technologies hold the promise of a revolution in the approach to mental health care delivery.

The next five years will see many of these new approaches come to maturity, with robust evidence of cost- effectiveness. The Mental Health and Digital Technology forum panel will evaluate how real impact depends on whether these isolated tools can be brought together into coherent pathways and packages of care.

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Forum chair

Prof. Helen Christensen

Director and Chief Scientist

Black Dog Institute

Forum chair

Dr. Tom Insel

Co-Founder and Chair of Humanest Care

Humanest Care


Dr. Nick Allen; Prof. Pamela Collins; Dr. Suhaila Ghuloum; Mr. Oliver Harrison; Prof. Chris Hollis; Ms. Victoria Hornby; Dr. Julia Kagunda; Ms. Theresa Nguyen; Prof. Heleen Riper; Prof. Shekhar Saxena; Prof. Ilina Singh; Dr. John Torous; Prof. Miranda Wolpert; Ms. Annabelle Zhang.

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