Research Forum on Climate Change and Communicable Diseases

The WISH Unheeded Warnings: Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change on Communicable Diseases report evaluates a range of questions on the topics of climate change, including land use and the emergence of arboviruses in the Amazon, through to climate change and zoonotic diseases, with a focus also on communicable disease and climate change in the Middle East region.

Live session details

15 Nov
6:00 pm
7:15 pm
Climate Change and Communicable Diseases

Forum Panel – 75mn

The Communicable Diseases and Climate Change forum panel will discuss what global health should do differently and what past suggestions to address the impact of climate change on infectious disease have gone unheeded, while evaluating how might climate change affect the spread, prevention, and treatment of infectious disease.

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Prof. Judith Wasserheit; Dr Laura-Lee Boodram; Assoc. Prof. Shlomit Paz; Dr Muna Maslamani; Dr Anna Stewart-Ibarra.

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