Virtual WISH 2020 will feature a wide range of live sessions in different formats. This year’s event is the most expansive to date. Across five days, we will be recreating formats that have featured in our previous summits, plus we’ll be adding some new ones.

This year’s live program includes:


For each summit, WISH commissions global health experts to create reports on key healthcare-related topic. These reports, and the recommendations that come from them, form the basis of 75-minute panel discussions featuring leaders in healthcare from around the world.

The Forum Panel topics for 2020 are:


Across five days and nine special sessions, internationally renowned experts, including many from our partner organizations, gather together to focus their attention on an issue that deserves global attention – including several relating to the current pandemic.

The Pathway to Localization: The Importance of Building Health Capacity in Developing Countries

Pathways to Disease Eradication: Lessons Learned

The Children of the Frontline

Technology Transfer: Future-proofing Health for All

The Essence of Equality: The African Network of Medical Excellence

Fact or Fiction: Fake News and the Covid-19 Infodemic

Speed vs Safety: The Pressure to Deliver in a COVID World

Geopolitics and the Global Response to COVID-19

Mental Health and Resilience for Frontline Workers: Tools, Approaches and Policies to Help Yourself and Others


20-minute presentations delivered live by compelling speakers who each shares their knowledge on a topic they’re passionate about, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Delivering these sessions are:

15 NOV DAY 1

Henry Timms

President and CEO
Lincoln Center

16 NOV DAY 2

Yasmin Mogahed

Author, International Speaker and Lecturer

17 NOV DAY 3

Alastair Campbell

Writer, Communicator and Strategist

18 NOV DAY 4

Giles Duley

Photographer, Storyteller, Humanitarian
Legacy of War Foundation

19 NOV DAY 5

Safiya Al Bahlani

Artist and Creative Designer


Daily panel sessions on an important health issue that start with the perspective from Qatar, but also incorporate a global view.

The Policy Briefing topics for 2020 are:

Precision Medicine: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Cancer Care

Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development


Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Each day ends with a WISH Agora, where a hot topic impacting our health is rapidly dissected by an expert in the field plus a jury of twelve WISH delegates.

The topics for WISH 2020 are:

In the Time of COVID-19 Have All Other Diseases Become Neglected?

Are We Taking Long COVID Seriously Enough?

How did we let the Wearing of Masks become Political?

Can Social Media ever Really be a Source for Promoting Good Health

Toxic Stress: Mitigating Childhood Adversity That Affects Lifelong Physical and Mental Health

Additionally, a wide range of side sessions are on offer, including interactive workshops
and presentations across all days of the summit.