Prof. Khalid Al Ansari, MD, FRCPS, FAAP (PEM), MScH


Emergency Department Sidra Medicine

Dr. Khalid Al Ansari is the inaugural Chairman of Level One Trauma, Emergency Department and Urgent Care Sidra. He is the founder of National Poison Center and the founder of the Child Advocacy Program in Qatar. He is also the Chairman of the Sidra wide Hospital Resuscitation Program.

Dr. Al Ansari’s extensive expertise in Emergency Medicine, Acute Medical Care has helped him transform the delivery of Pediatric Emergency services to patients in Qatar. He is a qualified Pediatrician and Pediatric Emergency physician with over 16 years of experience in the field.
He is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Professor of Clinical Emergency at Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in Qatar University. His research interest is in emergency respiratory diseases, gastroenteritis, pediatric sedation in emergency and child abuse in Qatar.

He is the Chairman of IRB Qatar Biomedical Bank, Chairman of MOPH National Child Protection Committee and member of National Disaster Committee.