Najat Daham Al-Abdullah

Director of the Family Affairs Department

Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affair

Experience gained in the field of work
2016: Until now, Director of the Family Affairs Department.
2013-2016: Director of the Department of Elderly Affairs and People with Disabilities.
2012: Director of the Social Security Administration.
2009-2012: Director of the Social Security Administration – Acting Director of the Family Development Department.
November 2007: Director of the Social Affairs Department at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
May 2007: November Assistant Director of Social Affairs Department.

Committee Membership
Director of the Family Strategy Project in the Social Protection Sector (National Strategy 2018-2020)
The permanent national committee for women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.
Member of the Executive Committee of the Narcotics Control Committee. 2018-2019
Member of the Supervisory Committee of the Behavioral Health Center.
Member of the Women’s Committee in the Arab Labor Organization. 2015-2016
Member of the Economic Empowerment Study Committee. 2013