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Healthy Lifestyle – Webinar for PE Teachers

This webinar presents topics related to health promotion among children through emphasizing the importance of physical activity and exercise for a healthier future generation; in addition to other topics on healthy lifestyle such as proper nutrition and podiatry. The session will include the below topics:

  • Introduction to physical activity, its description, duration, intensity and importance.
  • Daily exercise advice (type, intensity, duration).
  • Transitioning to the individual active pattern and including physical activity as a daily practice.
  • Podiatry /// Safety during exercise.
  • Set specific goals and times for exercise, reduce idle time, watch TV, and others.
  • Tips on the importance of playing sports and useful applications for phone and tablets.
  • Nutrition linked to sports and exercise (i.e. hydration with exercise, etc.)
  • Questions and Answers.

Registration is now closed, however please click below link to join the session at the given time if you have not registered.


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