Dr. Olivier Véran

Minister of Solidarity and Health- France

Olivier Véran was born on April 22nd 1980 in Saint-Martin d’Heres, in the lsere region, where he spent his all of his childhood and attended school. Son of an engineer and an English teacher, his calling for the field of medicine began at an early age. This was strengthened during his night job as an attendant in an elderly home, serving the most fragile, to finance his studies in Grenoble.

Sensitive to the working conditions of caregivers, assistants and interns in the hospitals of Grenoble, he became involved in union life. After completing his thesis on “Epileptic confusion in the elderly”, Olivier Veran became neurologist at the Grenoble-Alpes University Hospital.

As assistant Head of Clinic of the Intensive Care Unit for Vascular Neurology, he was responsible for patients suffering from cerebrovascular accidents. Subsequently, he managed the day clinic of the Neurological department, receiving over 3.000 patients each year.

His political commitment led him to the French National Assembly in 2012, as Member of Parliament for the 1st district of the Isere. Profoundly committed to equal access to healthcare, he devoted the majority of his parliamentary work to health policies and to the fight against poverty, resulting in him becoming General Rapporteur of the Social Affairs Committee.

To uphold his beliefs in the territory that he is so close to, and which is important to him, Olivier Veran was elected Regional Councilor of the Auvergne-Rh6ne-Alpes region in December 2015. Since December 2019 he chairs the group “La Republique En Marche” (the party of the presidential majority) in this assembly.

On February 16th, 2020, Olivier Veran was nominated Minister of Solidarity and Health. Olivier Veran is the father of two children and is passionate about music.