Dr. Leslie Snider


The MHPSS Collaborative

Dr. Leslie Snider is a psychiatrist with over 20 years’ experience in mental health and psychosocial support programs and research in diverse global settings. She serves as Director of the MHPSS Collaborative for Children and Families in Adversity, hosted by Save the Children Denmark.

In addition to serving as a public mental health clinician, Dr. Snider directed International Mental Health Studies for ten years at Tulane Public Health School. Internationally, she collaborates with various UN agencies, governments and NGOs in developing programs and quality care standards for children and families affected by disasters, conflict, HIV/AIDS, poverty and exploitation, and has served as technical advisor to the US government, UNICEF and others.

Dr. Snider has over 40 publications; developed several widely-used international resources for MHPSS in emergencies including WHO’s Psychological First Aid Guide and UNICEF’s Community-Based MHPSS Operational Framework; and authored a children’s book for children and caregivers affected by the Ebola crisis.