Dr. Fouad Alshaban

Senior Scientist

Neurological Disorders Research Center

  • Neurological Disorders Research Center
  • Qatar Biomedical Research Institute
  • Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Dr. Fouad Alshaban graduated from Baghdad College of Medicine, and became involved in the field of preventive medicine. He obtained his Diploma in Public Health, MSc, in Occupational Health, and PhD in Occupational Medicine from the United Kingdom. He has held many different positions as a scientist working in academic research and as associate professor in occupational medicine and public health. He was also a planner and advisor in different medical institutions, including the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Prior to joining the Shafallah Medical Genetics Center in 2009 he was a Senior Research Program Manager at the Washington Hospital Center in association with Johns Hopkins University Hospital. He was head of Research at the Shafallah Medical Genetics Center where he establishment the Institutional Review Board. Currently, Dr. Alshaban works as a Senior Scientist at QBRI’s Neurological Disorder Research Center, leading the Autism research works, concluding the Qatar National Autism prevalence study, which established the Autism prevalence rate at 1.14%. Presently he is working in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic on the role of Eye tracking, as early screening and diagnostic objective tool for Autism. Dr. Alshaban also leading the project of the effect of COVID-19 on Autism, in collaboration with WISH and Qatar Autism Society. 

Dr. Alshaban has published three books in the field of public health, infectious diseases and nutrition and has many published articles in peer reviewed medical journals and non-medical magazines.