Dr. Deeph Chana


Imperial College London

Professor Chana is currently Co-Director of both the Institute for Security Science and Technology at Imperial College London and its Centre for Financial Technology. He is actively engaged in a number of technology entrepreneurship activities and is an advisor on emerging and disruptive technologies to NATO.

Prof Chana has extensive experience of leading science and technology initiatives in academia, industry and government with a focus on global risks. He is interested in low probability high impact events and their ramifications on sustainable security and resilience. He has published on the use of machine learning methods for defensive and offensive cyber security, developed advanced technologies for dealing with safety and security related problems and has consulted and lectured internationally with companies and governments on disruptive technology and the use of science to handle disruptive events. His previous experience working for the UK Government involved developing science driven national crisis systems and policies for the country, dealing with CBRNE and cyber threats and briefing four Secretaries of States during national emergencies – such as the London Tube bombings of 7/7. His work involved a significant amount of science diplomacy with allied countries and organizations and the formulation and implementation of national and international policies and agreements.

Deeph holds MSci and PhD degrees in Physics from King’s College London.