Dr. David Nabarro

Co-Director, Institute of Global Health

Imperial College London

David Nabarro is the co-director of the Imperial College Institute of Global Health Innovation at the Imperial College London and supports systems leadership for sustainable development through his Switzerland-based social enterprise 4SD. In March 2020, David was appointed as WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 by the WHO Director General.

He secured his medical qualification in 1974 and has worked in more than 50 countries – in communities and hospitals, governments, civil society, universities, and in United Nations (UN) programs. David worked for the British government in the 1990s as head of health and population and director for human development in the UK Department for International Development. From 1999 to 2017 he held leadership roles in the UN system on disease outbreaks and health issues, food insecurity and nutrition, climate change, and sustainable development. In October 2018, David received the World Food Prize together with Lawrence Haddad for their leadership in raising the profile and building coalitions for action for better nutrition across the Sustainable Development Goals.