Emotional Agility and Resilience: A Practical Approach to Navigating through a Global Trauma


In partnership with Weyak.

The impact of COVID-19 on our community’s mental health has been considerable and there is an expected significant increase of mental health difficulties and greater need for psychological support.  The global community has experienced high levels distress and the key themes have been anxiety, grief, trauma/PTSD and significant loss leading to depression.  Developing an understanding and education around mental health is therefore important as well as equipping and empowering individuals with the right coping mechanisms. However, in the journey to resilience and mental wellness as a global community, a vital skill that is often missed is ‘emotional agility’ which often leads to further suffering and gets in the way of recovery.  It is therefore vital that individuals have the adequate understanding and skills which includes emotional agility in order to promote psychological flourishing.