Keynote Speaker – The Hon Pravind Jugnauth


Keynote Speaker – In Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci


When Will We Wake up to The Global Health Threats of Climate Change?

Agora – 45mn Based on the traditional Greek assembly places, where community members would meet to exchange news, the Agora sessions are informal discussions where a cross section of the extensive WISH community will form a jury of 12 people who will examine a particularly challenging and thought-provoking topic.

Can Social Media ever Really be a Source for Promoting Good Health

Agora – 45mn Based on the traditional Greek assembly places, where community members would meet to exchange news, the Agora sessions are informal discussions where a cross section of the extensive WISH community will form a jury of 12 people who will examine a particularly challenging and thought-provoking topic.

How did we let the Wearing of Masks become Political?

Agora – 45mn Based on the traditional Greek assembly places, where community members would meet to exchange news, the Agora sessions are informal discussions where a cross section of the extensive WISH community will form a jury of 12 people who will examine a particularly challenging and thought-provoking topic.

Are We Taking Long COVID Seriously Enough?

Agora – 45mn Based on the traditional Greek assembly places, where community members would meet to exchange news, the Agora sessions are informal discussions where a cross section of the extensive WISH community will form a jury of 12 people who will examine a particularly challenging and thought-provoking topic.


In the Time of COVID-19 Have All Other Diseases Become Neglected?

ِAgora – 45mn Based on the traditional Greek assembly places, where community members would meet to exchange news, the Agora sessions are informal discussions where a cross section of the extensive WISH community will form a jury of 12 people who will examine a particularly challenging and thought-provoking topic.


Dr. Jasem Al Mutawa

Sessions break and chance to visit the Innovation Hub


Report presented by Inger Ashing, CEO, Save the Children “Stopping the War on Children” Almost one fifth of children worldwide are now living in areas affected by armed conflict. We are seeing more children facing unimaginable mental and physical trauma; more children going hungry; more children falling victim to preventable diseases; more children out of … Continued


30mn Introduction by Luisa Baldini, Master of Ceremonies UNICEF film A WELCOME NOTE BYH.E. Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani,Vice-Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development WELCOME ADDRESSHenrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF

Sessions break and chance to visit the Innovation Hub


30mn Art reveal by Safiya Al BahlaniA message from Eva Longoria and Morgan Freeman to children around the worldAn exclusive performance by ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner, Kodi LeeFilm: ‘Innovators of Tomorrow’, sponsored by Qatar Charity‘Disney Medley’ performed by Qatar Music AcademyBuildings and landmarks around Doha turn blue to mark the day

PANEL 3: Child Development in the Information Age

60mn Today, we live in an information society, where the flow of information in the virtual environment is unprecedented and unstoppable force that touching every sphere of modern life and shaping everyday life. Childhood is no exception as hundreds of millions of children around the world steeped in a steady stream of digital communication and … Continued

PANEL 1: Child & Adolescent Health during COVID-19: Protecting Vulnerable Children

60mn The panel will focus on the big picture- how COVID is/will be impacting children’s physical and mental in our societies globally and in MENA. It will look at the multiple programmatic implications for national governments and highlight a few areas where ideally all stakeholders could concentrate efforts for programmatic adjustment The virus has turned … Continued

PANEL 2: A Public Health Approach to Addressing Violence Against Children

75mn This session will look at the prevalence of violence against children, the necessity of social services providers and workforce, the integration and linkages between child protection and health systems with a view to strengthening existing gaps and highlighting areas of best practice. The session is particularly timely. As you know, identifying and tackling violence … Continued

Fundamentals of Art Therapy

45mn Art therapist Trish Bedford provides an essential, practical guide to using expressive art as a method for fostering healing and mental well-being. (This session includes practical exercises that require access to basic art materials.)

Session test World Children’s day

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Networking and Other Activities

Women in Innovation

45mn In partnership with Qatari-Russian Center for Cooperation. Women are still underrepresented in the technology and health innovation sector. While many are achieving great success in this field, the world is missing out on significant major opportunities that more women engaged in health innovation would bring. Leading Russian women innovators share their experience and knowledge … Continued

COVID-19 and Palliative Care: A Bedside and Public Health Perspective

45mn In partnership with The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life. The current COVID-19 pandemic represents a challenge for health systems around the world relating to the ethical dimension of care and to public health and policy choices. Palliative care ranks among the “protagonists” of health care dedicated to COVID-19 patients, although in many countries the … Continued

Hackathon: Envisioning Climate Change in Every Health Curriculum

45mn In partnership with the International Federation of Medical Student Associations. In 2018, the World Health Organization recognized climate change as the biggest threat to the global health of the 21st century, hence leading to more far-reaching health outcomes than the current pandemic. It is proven that climate change puts the health and wellbeing of … Continued

Global Perspectives: Mental Health in a COVID-19 World

45mn In partnership with World Psychiatric Association. Despite the growing evidence about the impact of mental illnesses, mental health services continue showing big gaps. Even the current radical changes in organization, financing, treatment technology, and consumer demand for access and delivery of health services are not showing any big influence on the mental health scene … Continued

Networking and Other Activities



Building Together: Prevention and Sustainable Health

45mn According to WHO, chronic diseases represent 63 % of deaths in the world and 450 million people suffer from mental illness. Even though environmental and socio-economic factors are identified as affecting the health population, these factors are not fully considered by our healthcare systems. Without adequate prevention and sustainable health development strategy, the cost … Continued

Words Matter: The Impact of Language on Mental Health

45mn In partnership with The Carter Center. This 45-minute panel from The Carter Center’s Mental Health Program takes a crucial look at how language used to communicate about mental health impacts stigma and discrimination. Join Kari Cobham, senior associate director of The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism and Media, for a robust discussion … Continued

Young Nurses, Global Health Advocates and Change Agents: How to be Heard and Influence Change

45mn In partnership with Nursing Now. This roundtable event will bring together a group of international young nurse leaders to lead a discussion about the role of young nurses as global health advocates. During the 45-minute session, they will discuss the importance of the young-nurse voice in the arena of global health advocacy, how to … Continued

Sustainable Development and Access to Health in the Midst of a Crisis

45mn Over the past three decades, the world has seen a dramatic increase in conflict and displacement. Whilst humanitarian needs continue on a global level, today’s crises reflect a persistent pattern that require a broader and more comprehensive intervention that is founded upon long-term, sustainable impact. In this context, it is fundamental to combine and … Continued

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Qatar

45mn This study was carried out by WISH in partnership with Qatar Biomedical Research Institute and the Negdr program, under Qatari Autism Society Measures taken by most countries to control and limit the spread of the highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the closure of schools and centers providing treatment, rehabilitation, and educational services for ASD … Continued

Networking and Other Activities

Qatar Science- Based Response to COVID-19

45mn In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health Qatar. COVID-19 promoted inter-sectoral collaboration among healthcare providers, epidemiologists, policymakers, scientists, and academia to inform evidence-based decisions undertaken by the state of Qatar. The aim of this session is to present the research activities undertaken by different institutions and how they contributed to inform decision making. 

Networking and Other Activities



Networking and Other Activities

The Power of Partnership: Pursuing Trachoma Elimination in Sudan

45mn In partnership with The Carter Center. A healthier world can only be achieved through strong partnerships. Diseases occur within individuals and communities due to variety of pathogens and multiple overlapping factors, which means medical and public health professionals must address the complex factors of the overlapping issues and the diseases at the same time. … Continued

Accelerating The Search for Drugs Against COVID-19

45mn Exscalate4cov is a public-private consortium supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 tender for projects to counter the Coronavirus pandemic and improve the management and care of patients. At the core of Exscalate4CoV is Exscalate (EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns), at present the most powerful and cost-efficient intelligent supercomputing platform in the world. Exscalate … Continued

Religion and Medical Ethics: Reflections on Autonomy and Authority

45mn In partnership with The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life and The BMJ. This session explores tensions which emerged in a variety of ways during the Rome Symposium between autonomy and authority – the autonomy of the individual and the authority of the social group, which could be a family, profession or religion. Autonomy, as … Continued

Global Health Workforce of the Future: Deployment of Youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

45mn In partnership with the International Federation of Medical Student Associations. The world is becoming more and more aware of the issues revolving around the Global Health Workforce and its complex aspects. The existing shortage has been further emphasized during the COVID-19 era. As a health workforce of today and tomorrow, many medical students, students … Continued

Empowered Youth for a Healthier Community

45mn In partnership with Qatar Medical Students Association. Qatar Medical Students’ Association (QMSA-Qatar) is an entirely youth-led organization under the umbrella of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). QMSA-Qatar aims to unite, empower and support future healthcare leaders to redefine healthcare one student at a time. Within the last few years, QMSA-Qatar has … Continued



Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Type 2 Diabetes: From Management to Cure

45mn In partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. A panel discussion looking at the science and research of reversing Type 2 Diabetes through the innovation of Lifestyle Medicine. The panel will discuss many facets of Type 2 Diabetes including the history, the cost implications around managing Type 2 Diabetes, the growing number of … Continued

Dynamic Approaches to a Stigmatizing Disease: Eliminating Lymphatic Filariasis in Haiti

45mn In partnership with The Carter Center. Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) is a debilitating parasitic disease transmitted through the bites of mosquitoes. The painful and profoundly disfiguring symptoms of LF—including elephantiasis, a conspicuous swelling of the feet and legs and hydrocele, swelling of the male scrotum—result from parasite-induced damage to the lymphatic system. Patients are not … Continued

WISH Young Innovators Revisited: Adapting to Thrive

45mn Catch up with young innovators previously showcased at WISH who have subsequently gone on to find success. The entrepreneurs will explain how they turned their idea into viable businesses and share their knowledge of pitfalls overcome and opportunities embraced and they will offer their tips for others looking to develop their own projects.

Emerging Diagnostics, Repurposed Therapeutics and Prophylactics for COVID-19

45mn In partnership with Qatar Biomedical Research Institute. Since the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection and related pandemic of COVID-19 disease in January 2020, biomedical researchers worldwide have refocused to meet the urgent demand for vaccine development, diagnosis for clinical and environmental samples, risk prediction for progression of COVID-19 to severe symptoms, and development … Continued

Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) in Research with Vulnerable Populations

45mn In partnership with Qatar Biobank. A vulnerable population is a group of people that requires greater protection than normal against the potential risks of participating in research. Individuals in vulnerable populations may have a higher risk of negative outcomes as a result of participating in a research study, they may have a reduced capacity … Continued

The Role of Accreditation in Enhancing Quality and Innovation in the Education of Health Professionals

45mn In partnership with the Foundation of Advancement in Medical Education and Research. The purpose of accreditation systems is to enhance the quality of medical education and training and ensure that graduates are ready to begin postgraduate training or practice effectively as physicians. The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) is the certifying body … Continued

Using Social Media to Promote Better Health Outcomes in the Arabic-speaking World

45mn Social media platforms have become more important than before in our daily life, as they have begun to play the role of liaison between family members, friends and co-workers as well, in addition to the much-needed entertainment with the increasing of our physical isolation in the Covid-19 pandemic, as it requires current access to … Continued

The Intersection of COVID-19 and Brain Health

45mn Mental and neurological conditions account for 9% of the global burden of disease and cost the global economy over US$3 trillion annually. These numbers are likely underestimates, not reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental and neurological health. Yet only 14% of the global disease burden for mental health can be averted … Continued

Networking and Other Activities

Socioeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 on Women and Young People in War and Crisis-Affected Areas

45mn In partnership with Silatech. Marginalized categories such as women and young people have been severely and disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and suffered damages and losses that are estimated to last for decades to come. According to the ILO, more than one in six young people aged 18-29 became unemployed since the start … Continued

Emotional Agility and Resilience: A Practical Approach to Navigating through a Global Trauma

45mn In partnership with Weyak. The impact of COVID-19 on our community’s mental health has been considerable and there is an expected significant increase of mental health difficulties and greater need for psychological support.  The global community has experienced high levels distress and the key themes have been anxiety, grief, trauma/PTSD and significant loss leading … Continued

Geopolitics and the Global Response to COVID-19

In Focus – 45mn In partnership with Doha Forum and Stimson. In previewing findings and recommendations from the forthcoming Doha Forum Report on “Coping with New and Old Crises: Global and Regional Cooperation in an Age of Epidemic Uncertainty”, this WISH 2020 panel discussion will consider: The initial international emergency response to COVID-19 (including UN … Continued

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Mental Health and Resilience for Frontline Workers: Tools, Approaches and Policies to Help Yourself and Others

In Focus – 45mn In partnership with Nursing Now. This is an extraordinary time for health workers. The global pandemic continues to spread and the death toll is rising. Everywhere countries are endeavoring to continue routine health services while dealing with the worst of the pandemic. The toll on the physical and mental health of … Continued

Safiya Al Bahlani, Artist and Creative Designer

Master class – 45mn A masterclass presented by Safiya Al Bahlani, an Omani artist, creative designer, and inspiring disability rights activist, sharing her personal journey of how art has helped her overcome some of the physical challenges in her life. Her unique and ground-breaking work has garnered her critical praise, driving her to advocate for … Continued

COVID-19: Delivering the vaccine

In Focus – 45mn The world has seen COVID-19 vaccine development proceed with unprecedented speed and visibility, and many experts predict that some of the vaccines currently in Phase III testing around the world will soon be found to be safe and efficacious. What comes next? How will these vaccines be made, allocated and used … Continued

Reframing our View of Disability (Part of the Education City Speaker Series)

Master Class – 45mn Giles Duley is a campaigner for the rights of refugees and those living with disability caused by conflict. Duley is documenting the long-term impact of conflict globally through his photographic project Legacy of War. In 2011, while working in Afghanistan, Duley was severely injured by an IED and, as a result … Continued

The Essence of Equality: The African Network of Medical Excellence

In Focus – 45 mn In partnership with Emergency NGO. In countries affected by conflict and poverty, there is a serious need to rethink the models of international cooperation in the health sector. This panel session aims to bring together international health and development experts to question the idea of two-tier medicine, in favour of … Continued

Living Better: Learning to Survive Depression

Master Class – 45mn This masterclass will talk about aspects of Alastair Campbell’s latest bestselling book Living Better: How I Learned to Survive Depression, a moving and life affirming account of his lifelong struggle with depression. Campbell will also share his insights about the stigma associated with talking about depression and how to he overcame … Continued

The Children of the Frontline

In Focus – 45mn In partnership with Save the Children. In the world’s worst modern conflicts children are exposed to explosive weapons – rockets, mortars, grenades, mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). In the five deadliest conflicts for children in 2017, Save the Children analysis of UN data shows nearly three-quarters of all child casualties … Continued

Technology Transfer: Futureproofing Health for All

In focus – 45mn In partnership with the United Nations Technology Bank. Innovative health technologies – rapidly developed, equitably accessible, and easily diffused – can help countries sustainably reduce their health vulnerabilities and become resilient to future shocks. The WISH Summit and the UN Technology Bank for the Least Developed Countries will through this session … Continued

A Study of Emotional and Psychological Resilience

Master Class – 45mn A masterclass by Yasmin Mogahed, author and lecturer, discussing human resilience and the role spirituality plays in keeping people mentally strong during difficult times such as the current pandemic. Mogahed is currently an instructor for AlMaghrib Institute and AlBuruj Press, a writer for the Huffington Post, and author of two books … Continued

Pathways to Disease Eradication: Lessons Learned

In Focus – 45mn In partnership with The Carter Center. What if you help could put an end to a painful or deadly disease? If you could ensure that no one would ever suffer from it again? That goal of eradicating a human disease is ambitious, and the challenges are enormous—but the potential benefits are … Continued

New Power; Using our Hyperconnected Societies to Build a Healthier World

Master Class – 45mn A masterclass presented by Henry Timms, President and CEO, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Timms has won critical acclaim from the worlds of business and academia for his compelling perspective and insights on power and influence. His masterclass will discuss how we can use the growth of the influence of … Continued

Fact or Fiction: Fake News and the COVID-19 Infodemic

In Focus – 45mn At a time when access to facts is vital and the veracity of the information we read can mean the difference between life and death, we are at risk of being bombarded with half truths and downright lies. In recent years, the growth of social media has seen a parallel growth … Continued

Networking and Other Activities

The Pathway to Localization: The Importance of Building Health Capacity in Developing Countries

In Focus – 45mn In partnership with Qatar Charity. In the World Humanitarian Summit 2016, the Secretary-General called for humanitarian action to be ‘as local as possible, as international as necessary’. In 2020, the localization agenda is more relevant than ever. A panel of four experts in humanitarian aid, localization and funding hold an interactive … Continued


Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Networking and Other Activities

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Tom Catena

15mn ‘Dr. Tom’, as he is affectionately known, is the only surgeon for approximately 1.3 million people in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, Sudan. He has served in Africa for more than 20 years helping to establish the Gidel Mother of Mercy Hospital, which opened in 2008 and remains the only major provider of … Continued

Precision Medicine: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Policy briefing – 55mn To include the launch of the Economist Intelligence Unit report ‘Doing better? The Promise of Precision Medicine. Healthcare is undergoing a transformation, and it is imperative to leverage new technologies to generate new data and support the advent of precision medicine. Recent scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements have improved our disease … Continued

Closing Ceremony and Innovation Awards

30mn The closing chapter and ceremony of Virtual WISH 2020.  Join us for a review of a week where the WISH community has gathered together using the very latest in virtual technology to discuss the latest in evidence-based ideas and best practices in the health care industry, while discovering who is this year’s winner of … Continued

Keynote Speaker – In Conversation With Peter Sands

15mn Peter Sands has been the Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since March 2018.Since June 2015 Peter has been a Research Fellow at Harvard University, dividing his time between the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Global Health Institute.

Toxic Stress and PTSD in Children

Forum Panel – 75mn The Toxic Stress and PTSD in Children forum panel will examine how toxic stress affects the physical and mental health of child refugees, alongside mental ill health related to trauma in richer countries around the world and what can be done to mitigate this stress in such populations.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Policy briefing – 45mn In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation. Despite the recent progress across mental health services for children and adolescents in Qatar, significant challenges and gaps exist in the current landscape. The Child & Adolescent Mental Health policy briefing will provide a summary … Continued

The Role of Schools in Child and Adolescent Health

Forum Panel – 75mn Health and education are inextricably linked. Education is widely accepted to be one of the key social determinants of health, while good health is linked with greater educational attainment, employment and productivity. The Role of Schools in Child and Adolescent Health forum panel will discuss if health is being integrated into … Continued

Health Challenges of Major Sporting Events

Forum Panel – 75mn Major sporting events can provide a multitude of benefits to host countries, from valuable infrastructure investment to heightened tourism income, through to a sense of national pride. While direct public health does benefit from these events through improved healthcare infrastructure, housing and improved transportation, mass gatherings of this scale also present … Continued

Keynote Speaker – His Excellency Hassan Al Thawadi

15mn His Excellency Hassan Al Thawadi is the Secretary General of Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the organisation responsible for coordinating the delivery of Qatar’s much anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be the very first time that the World Cup will be staged in the Middle East. is the Secretary General … Continued

DOHA DEBATES, #DearWorldLive: Radical Inequalities in Healthcare


Islamic Ethics and Infertility Treatment

Forum Panel – 75mn In Islam, seeking a cure for infertility is not only permissible but encouraged, against a backdrop that a recent report showed that compared to a 10 per cent infertility rate worldwide, infertility in the MENA region is approximately 16 per cent. The Infertility and Islamic Ethics forum panel will discuss assisted … Continued


Policy briefing – 45mn Dementia is a major global health concern and one of the leading causes of death by disability.  This condition significantly alters the lifestyles of those affected as well as their care givers. The Dementia policy briefing highlights recent developments, research trends, and policies in the area of dementia in Qatar.  It will also … Continued

Cyber Security and Healthcare Systems

Forum panel – 75mn The rapid global adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare in recent years has led to increased vulnerability to cyber threats capable of compromising patient safety data confidentiality and eroding patient trust. In recent years, and particularly since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of cyber-attacks has risen globally. Yet … Continued

Keynote Speaker – Morgan Freeman

15mn Lauded for the emotional depth he brings to his portrayal of complex roles, Morgan Freeman has won numerous awards over a career spanning five decades. Off-screen, he has been recognized for his inspirational humanitarian work and is an activist who regularly speaks out against social injustice.

Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development

Policy briefing – 45mn The Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Development policy briefing will provide an overview of the progress in this key area, with a strong focus on Qatar-specific context. It will highlight: the current evidence about nurses’ and midwives’ contribution to health and wellbeing, both globally and nationally; key issues and achievements in terms … Continued

Mental Health and Digital Technology

Forum Panel – 75mn In no area of global health is the gap between need and treatment greater than mental health and this is even more true of digital mental health, where in recent years there has been an explosion of new technologies for assessment, support and treatment. Properly managed, these technologies hold the promise … Continued

Healthy Dry Cities

Forum Panel – 75mn With a focus on vulnerable subpopulations, the Healthy Dry Cities forum panel will investigate what impact water scarcity in cities may have on mental health, how architecture and planning in cities with scarce water can promote health and wellbeing, while discussing infectious disease in water scarce cities and how health services … Continued

Keynote Speaker – Eva Longoria

15mn Eva Longoria is well known for her extensive philanthropic work. In 2012, she founded the Eva Longoria Foundation, which works to empower Latina women through a focus on education and entrepreneurship. In 2006, the star of Desperate Housewives co-founded Eva’s Heroes, a charity that acts as an advocate for children with developmental needs, so … Continued

Cancer Care

Policy briefing – 45mn In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation. In 2011, Qatar launched the First National Cancer Control Programme in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Critical to its success were robust governance structures, informed and committed leadership, and comprehensive involvement of all sectors. Future … Continued


Forum Panel – 75mn Immunotherapy – treatments that harness the power of the immune system to fight disease – is arguably the most exciting and dynamic field in biopharmaceuticals today. After decades of research and investment, immunotherapy has reached a point of exceptional opportunity, poised to revolutionize treatment of an array of conditions that affect … Continued