For each summit, WISH commissions global health experts to create reports on key healthcare-related topic.

Islamic Ethics and Infertility Treatment

The report provides a historical overview of assisted reproductive technologies in the region, while tackling the most pressing ethical issues from an Islamic perspective.

Toxic Stress: Mitigating Childhood Adversity That Affects Lifelong Physical and Mental Health

The report focuses on the impact of PTSD and toxic stress in children by examining how childhood events are linked to later physical and mental ill health.

Unheeded Warnings: Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change on Communicable Diseases

The report evaluates a range of questions on the topic of climate change.

Safeguarding our Healthcare Systems: A Global Framework for Cybersecurity

The report presents a globally applicable framework for cyber readiness in healthcare.

Realizing The Promise Of Immunotherapy: A Global Plan For Action

The report outlines the significant developments that have been made in the field after decades of research against infectious diseases.

Stepping Up To The Plate: Planning For A Lasting Health legacy From Major Sporting Events

The report explores the key challenges of organising major sporting events, such as the risks of environmental hazards and communicable disease outbreaks.

The Digital Mental Health Revolution: Transforming Care Through Innovation And Scale-Up

The report reviews how to prepare and navigate innovations and their potential to address critical health needs.

Building Healthy Societies: A Framework For Integrating Health And Health Promotion Into Education

The report explores how health activities can be implemented into education systems to deliver improved health outcomes.

Health In The Climate Crisis: A Guide For Health Leaders

The report takes a fresh look at the issues to emerge with propositions that are relevant to practitioners and policymakers

Protecting Health in Dry Cities: From Evidence to Action

The report looks at this new discipline documenting the current debate about the looming problem of insufficient (potable) water for health in an urban context.