WISH Collaborates with Imperial College London on Five New Reports

Under The banner ‘One World Our Health’, WISH 2020 will virtually bring together global healthcare leaders, health practitioners, researchers, and innovators to disseminate and discuss evidence-based content and to showcase health innovations.

Five of this year’s discussion topics center on reports that are being produced in partnership with Imperial College London. These topics focus on climate change, the role that schools play in health, health in major sporting events, immunotherapy, and the relationship between mental health and digital technologies.

Work on a report examining the relationship between climate change and health has been led by Dr. David Nabarro, Co-Director of the Institute of Global Health, Imperial College London and the World Health Organization’s Special Envoy on COVID-19. The report, which will be published to coincide with WISH 2020, will make the case for health as a means of changing political attitudes to climate change.

A second report on the ‘Role of Schools in Child Health’ will highlight how promoting healthcare-related activities at school can create a framework for improved health and educational outcomes.

Given that crowded sporting events are high-risk environments for the transference of infectious diseases and incidents that may impact local health services, ‘Health Challenges in Major Sporting Events’ will provide a framework to effectively plan for such issues.

The ‘Immunotherapy’ report and discussion will focus on addressing challenges faced by healthcare providers in this field, while ‘Mental Health & Digital Technologies’ will investigate how new digital technologies can best be used to provide practical strategies as part of an integrated system for managing mental health issues.

Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham, Executive Chair of WISH and also Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London, said: “At its heart, WISH is an inclusive global community striving to achieve a common goal of building a healthier society. WISH believes that dialogue and innovation are essential to make this universal ambition a reality, and the current pandemic has clearly shown that complex healthcare challenges need a coordinated global response. WISH 2020 is an opportunity to strengthen global collaboration to tackle the world’s most pressing health issues. Our distinguished forum chairs and forum members will explore diverse topics that urgently require interventions and will deliver fresh insights and strategies to overcome these critical challenges through innovation and policy changes.”

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