Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

This forum will examine the management of incidental findings through the lens of the Islamic ethical tradition. The success of the pioneering genomic initiatives in the Gulf region necessitates building up an interdisciplinary solid knowledge-base which takes into consideration the religio-cultural fabric of the region and the Muslim world to which the region belongs. This knowledge base should pair the scientific research with cutting-edge research in Islamic ethics which should also engage in serious dialogue with relevant international bioethical deliberations.

For the first time in the Muslim world, the ‘Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics’ forum of the WISH summit produces a comprehensive report on the ethical management of incidental findings. The report outlines the status quo of genomics in the Gulf region, relevant international bioethical deliberations and particularly focuses on the possible contribution of Islamic ethics to this emerging field. The report also makes policy recommendations on how to create culturally sensitive guidelines.

Forum chair

Dr. Mohammed Ghaly