Universal Healthcare Coverage

Ensuring access to effective, quality health services, without the fear of financial hardship, is a basic human right. Through the leadership of several key international organizations, including the World Bank and the World Health Organization, there is now a growing global movement towards universal health coverage (UHC). This trend is essential if we are to … Continued

Patient Safety

Fifteen years on from the publication To Err is Human, patient safety is now well established as an imperative for policymakers and healthcare providers and practitioners. However, the prevalence of avoidable harm remains high throughout the developed world and healthcare still has much to do to match the safety record of other high-risk industries. This … Continued

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children

Mental health, broadly conceived, is a key factor affecting whether children enjoy their lives and become flourishing adults. A sense of wellbeing can increase children’s ability to cope with life and the challenges they will face, both as young people and later in life. This Forum will tackle ways of promoting mental health in children … Continued

Maternal and Newborn Health

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) form a blueprint agreed by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions to meet the needs of the world’s poorest – by 2015. Three of the eights MDGs focus on challenges that directly affect women and children – decreasing preventable maternal, newborn and child … Continued

Healthcare and Ethics: Genomics

The potential genomics holds in transforming the future of healthcare is immense; however it may cause complex ethical debates and religious issues. This is why WISH will hold a special panel to discuss this particular topic at the 2015 summit. Co-organized with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE), a center of the … Continued


WHO estimates that there are 347 million people worldwide (approx. 8.5 percent of the adult population) with diabetes and that by 2030 it will be the seventh leading cause of death. In 2004 an estimated 3.4 million died from the consequences of diabetes and over 80 percent of these deaths occurred in low-income and middle-income … Continued

Dementia Forum

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in 2010 35.6 million people globally had dementia and this number is expected to almost double every 20 years. The very oldest members of society and countries where life expectancy is increasing most rapidly will be most affected by this growth. The costs of providing dementia care are … Continued

Delivering Affordable Cancer Care

Cancer is a global health priority. New figures from GLOBOCAN 2012 state that there were 14.1 million new cancer cases and 8.2 million deaths attributable to cancer in 2012, an increase of over 10 percent in four years, driven by the growth and the aging of the global population. At the same time, the cost … Continued

Communicating Complex Health Messages

The communication of science, and health policy in particular, to the public is a major policy issue. Examples in diverse settings such as the MMR crisis in the UK, or messaging on the safety of vaccination in the developing world, demonstrate that the dissemination of accurate information on health policy matters is critical to improving … Continued

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine (PM) tailors healthcare to account for variables in each patient’s genes, environment, lifestyle, and other factors. The Forum report will recommend how PM can be implemented based on the expertise of those at the forefront of its practice and development. The crucial measurable results for PM – patient outcomes and lowered costs – … Continued

Investing in Health

Investing in Health Forum will examine how investment across various sectors can reduce mortality and simultaneously boost inclusive income, presenting synthesized findings that illustrate the economic returns sustained from research and development across health industries. The conference will draw on case studies from China, Ghana and Myanmar to support parts of the findings. Participants will … Continued

Healthy Populations

The Healthy Populations Forum will seek to define the concept of population health, explain why a strategy is needed to address it, and list actions for policymakers to improve it. By discussing case studies based on community and employer-led initiatives, healthcare systems and city-wide approaches, the paper will lay out a framework for a population … Continued

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

This forum will examine the management of incidental findings through the lens of the Islamic ethical tradition. The success of the pioneering genomic initiatives in the Gulf region necessitates building up an interdisciplinary solid knowledge-base which takes into consideration the religio-cultural fabric of the region and the Muslim world to which the region belongs. This … Continued

Behavioral Insights

The Behavioral Insights Forum will present groundbreaking, evidence-based research showing how citizens’ health can be improved through a better understanding and application of the latest research. Led by a UK government-owned social purpose company, The Behavioral Insights Team, this research studies the factors that influence human behavior thereby producing evidence that can prove vital to … Continued


The Autism Forum will provide case studies and diagrams outlining actions that must be taken across the health, education, and social sectors involved in addressing the condition. Raising awareness and enhancing knowledge of the condition by understanding the cultural needs and barriers to best practices, for example, will facilitate treatment and the development of educational … Continued

Accountable Care

The Accountable Care Forum will outline the benefits of using an integrated accountable care system to assist patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and who require rigorous, all-encompassing treatment plans. The study will involve a pool of people aged 18 and above diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes and those at high risk of … Continued

Research Forum on Viral Hepatitis

The Viral Hepatitis forum and the resultant report focuses on high-level inputs critical to achieving hepatitis C elimination by 2030. The report proposes an investment case providing recommendations on how country governments and global donors can maximize their investments to achieve viral hepatitis elimination. It identifies the importance of enabling a political and financial environment … Continued

Research Forum on Role of Private Sector in Healthcare

The focus of the WISH research and report on the role of the private sector in healthcare is on how to create more effective, mass-scale collaborations between public and private sector for the delivery of healthcare services needed for UHC. It starts by setting out the business case for private providers – which is big … Continued

Research Forum on Nursing and Universal Health Coverage

The 20 million nurses and midwives who globally make up half of the professional health workforce, yet they are too often not enabled, resourced and supported to use their education and expertise to their full potential. This is an enormous waste of talent and resources. The WISH report on nursing and universal healthcare (UHC) describes … Continued

Research Forum on Islamic Ethics and Palliative Care

The report being produced by the WISH forum on Islamic ethics and palliative care will provide an overview of the practice of palliative care in Qatar and the Arabian Gulf region and compares it to the Western context. Mainly, this study is meant to fill in glaring gaps in modern scholarship by investigating and tackling … Continued

Research Forum on Healthcare in Conflict Settings

The focus of the WISH Healthcare in Conflict Settings forum and the report produced by the forum is on healthcare for conflict affected populations. The central question is about how to achieve universal healthcare provision for such populations. Key evidence-based strategies are outlined in the report which includes a framework of principles to guide health … Continued

Research Forum on Eye Health

Eliminating the world’s most common causes of eye morbidity has become a challenge due to the change in population and disease demographics, so innovative and sustainable solutions are required. The WISH report uses evidence-based case examples to highlight strategies and programs that have been used to reduce the burden of eye disease through service delivery, … Continued

Research Forum on Design in Health

Design has been proven to lower cost of care delivery, improve outcomes, and lead to better patient and provider experiences. While design has demonstrated a strong ability to drive effective outcomes, it is still relatively new in its application in the health space. The WISH forum and report on design in health covers the following … Continued

Research Forum on DataScience and AI

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly disrupting many industries. In healthcare, we are just beginning to realize the possible opportunities that will transform service provision in the next decade. We see a fully data-enabled health system facilitating five critical drivers of health system performance: prediction, prevention, personalization, participation and productivity. The WISH report … Continued

Research Forum on Anxiety and Depression

The WISH Anxiety and Depression forum and forum report provide an overview of the global challenge of anxiety and depression and the significant treatment gap. It emphasizes the important role of prevention and promotion initiatives while also considering the evidence and best practices for integrated models of care.  The WISH report explores how integrated care … Continued