Mustafa Suleyman



Mustafa Suleyman is co-founder and Head of Applied Artificial intelligence at DeepMind, where he is responsible for integrating the company’s technology across a wide range of Google products. in February 2016 he launched DeepMind Health, which builds clinician-led technology in the UK National Health Service. Mustafa was Chief Product Officer at DeepMind Technologies, before the company was bought in 2014 by Google in their largest European acquisition to date. 
At 19, Mustafa dropped out of the University of Oxford to help set up a telephone counseling service, building it to become one of the largest mental health support services of its kind in the UK, and then worked as policy officer for then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. He went on to help start Reos Partners, a consultancy with eight offices across four continents specializing in designing and facilitating large-scale multi-stakeholder ‘Change Labs’, aimed at navigating complex problems. 

  • As a skilled negotiator and facilitator Mustafa has worked all over the world for a wide range of clients such as the UN, the Government of the Netherlands and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).