vScan is a handheld, pocket size ultrasound device that enables healthcare professionals to examine patients and their bodies during a physical exam. This affordable, portable device helps to empower clinicians across low and high-income countries. It reduces the need for unnecessary referrals and can speed up diagnosis for patients who do not have consistent access … Continued


Through mobile technology these smartphone-based devices and supporting applications provide clinically relevant information ranging from simple measurements such as body weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation to more complex readings such as electrocardiograms and ultrasound imaging. The devices make it easier to collect clinically-relevant data – potentially even empowering patients to collect … Continued


This design-focused, patient-centered solution provides a series of small digitally connected gadgets for parenting including temperature, motion sensors and ultrasound scanning. BleepBleeps are little guys that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. Each BleepBleeps character connects to the BleepBleeps app on your phone to give you simple … Continued


This initiative combines technological and process innovations to provide artificial prosthesis for hands and feet at low cost in developed countries.


The Knowledge Translation Unit of the University of Cape Town has developed a package comprising evidence and policy based guidelines plus onsite training that has been shown in randomized trials to improve the care of patients attending primary care clinics in rural South Africa.


This interactive smartphone app is designed to utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to train people to use techniques that address the cognitive factors associated with insomnia and to overcome the worry and other negative emotions that accompany the experience of being unable to sleep. This is delivered using an innovative smartphone app platform and 12 week … Continued


The eRanger is a versatile and robust augmented motorcycle which is used throughout India and Africa and is designed to enable access over the toughest terrain to deliver patients and cargo safely and in one piece. It combines the benefits of a motorcycle with the cargo capacity of a sidecar, in a package that is … Continued


This initiative makes tuberculosis treatment available to the most disadvantaged patients, employing non-medical counselors to monitor patients and taking treatment to patients’ door steps in disadvantaged areas. Through mobilizing communities and promoting education and learning, Operation ASHA has reached 4.9 million households, over 2,053 villages and slums in India and Cambodia, reducing communicable disease and … Continued


This community based initiative mobilizes community health workers on motorcycles and health teams in 4x4s providing access to preventative, treatment and emergency care to people in hard to reach areas in Africa.


This innovative business model improves access to essential drugs, basic healthcare and prevention services for children and families in the developing world through the provision of micro-pharmacies and clinics with health education and prevention services to provide treatment for common killer diseases.


This portable 11 liter solar powered water purifier makes unsafe water drinkable in a simple container in 2-6 hours. Developed in Sweden this re-usable, sustainable container is now used worldwide and helps to prevent ill-health and reduces the economic impact of such illness on low-income families.


This Mexico based business model idea offers affordable and high quality eye care services, focused on low and mid income population through lean pathways, high-volume and economy of scale with over 2,000 innovative operative processes carried out to date.


This not-for-profit organization provides educational opportunities for surgeons in rural settings and has pioneered the use of mosquito netting in groin hernia repair surgery at a fraction of the cost of traditional surgical netting. The netting is 4,000 times cheaper, yet has been shown to be just as effective.


This initiative between the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London demonstrates a real multidisciplinary approach to addressing health challenges, bringing together design expertise with clinical knowledge to create innovative solutions that work for patients.


Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) operates 1280+ ambulances, with 6000+ staff, in 17 states across India and the UAE. They use a tiered pricing, user-fee based business model in India wherein patients are charged based on ability to pay based on the patient’s destination – private hospitals (charged 100% of the usual fee); government hospitals (charged … Continued


Your Health First (YHF) is a national, multi-faceted health campaign in Qatar designed to change unhealthy behaviors into healthy ones. By educating the population about health, obesity and diabetes, YHF aims to make a significant contribution to the future health and prosperity of Qatar. YHF uses every form of media available along with targeted and high-profile … Continued


SughaVazhvu Healthcare, through its rural primary healthcare network in the Thanjavur district (Tamil Nadu, India), aims to create disease-free villages. They tightly integrate technology, human resource solutions and chronic disease management to provide affordable care in rural areas. To address workforce shortages, SughaVazhvu trains under-utilized AYUSH (alternative Indian medicine) physicians to provide evidence-based primary care … Continued


Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. The limited number of trained surgeons in the developing world poses an obstacle to the provision of reconstructive surgery. To provide essential training to surgeons and medical professionals in the developing world in a sustainable and … Continued


The need for affordable, functional upper limb replacements is immense. Robohand components are 3D printed using Polilactic Acid (PLA), derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. The fitment is customized to the wearer for comfort, non-toxic, water resistant and lightweight (300-700g). It is cost effective – costing between $500 … Continued


In Latin America, chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, are now the leading cause of death. Pro Mujer’s “Integrated Women’s Empowerment and Healthcare Model” ties the delivery of healthcare services to the delivery of microfinance services to increase coverage and access among low-income women in Latin America. To ensure impact, reach, and financial sustainability, … Continued


Peek – the Portable Eye Examination Kit – makes eye tests affordable and easy anywhere in the world by leveraging smartphones with specialist adapters and software. Existing eye exam equipment is heavy, expensive, fragile and difficult to use. It’s not built to travel; it can feel intrusive; and it needs a reliable supply of electricity to … Continued


The Rapid Assessment of Malaria (RAM) uses refrigerator magnets and a laser pointer to diagnose malaria. Currently people often have to travel long distances for unreliable screenings – using RAM will prevent this. It quickly and efficiently detects the magnetic biomarker left behind when malaria parasites digest red blood cells. The device is reusable, lowering the cost … Continued


Osmosis is a web- and mobile-based learning platform that helps clinicians and students better discover, learn, and retain knowledge. This is accomplished through a combination of cognitive techniques, including spaced repetition, testing effect, social learning, and contextual cues, with technologies such as a machine learning-powered resource recommendation engine. Osmosis has shown significant user engagement with over … Continued


MoJa is a mobile app that creates the opportunity and incentives to volunteer as a blood donor. With a cloud back-end, the National Blood Service is able to keep its stock replenished and search, match and conveniently contact inspired donors in case of emergencies. Members have access to free medical tips, virtual clinics and advice from … Continued


Miroculus has developed an accurate, easy to use, non-invasive and affordable microRNA detection platform that can radically improve the ability of life science research and healthcare providers to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases at a molecular level through the examination of microRNAs. The Miroculus platform can detect microRNAs from body fluids or tissue without the … Continued


MIT’s Little Devices lab explores the design, invention and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world. The lab researches health themes of therapeutics, diagnostics and accessibility design. Designed with Nicaraguan health professionals, Solarclave addresses the infrastructure limitations of remote health posts by sterilizing medical instruments with solar thermal technology and locally available materials. Adher.IO is … Continued


JANMA by ayzh is a US$3 clean birth kit containing six simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth. By providing the ‘six cleans’ (clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting and tying instruments, and clean cutting surface), JANMA prevents infections, mortality … Continued


HELIX is short for Healthcare Innovation Exchange. It’s an exploration into how design can transform health when placed on the front line of the medical world – an acute general hospital in Europe’s busiest city. A team of designers, based at St Mary’s Hospital, London, work in clinical settings and a specially designed engagement space. Co-designing … Continued


Fosmo Med is changing the paradigm of pre-filled IV bags by utilizing innovative forward osmosis technology to create sterile intravenous solutions at the point of care. Maji, an IV bag, which is shipped and stored without fluid, is Fosmo Med’s first product. There are no power requirements. Simply fill the Maji bag with any fresh water, … Continued


The eACCESS initiative aims to make critical care specialists available round the clock in order to provide high quality care to patients in the ICU. The state-of-the-art hardware and software products enable clinicians to connect to, and monitor, multiple ICUs from a central location. The central command center acts as a hub and the peripheral ICUs as … Continued


Crohnology is a health-tracking network for patients with Crohn’s and colitis to share and learn in real-time what treatments, diets and alternative therapies are working for each other. Crohnology was started by Sean Ahrens, a patient with Crohn’s disease – a poorly understood autoimmune condition that causes unpredictable inflammation in the digestive tract. Crohnology seeks to … Continued


BiMeo is an innovative rehabilitation device that is designed to make therapy more effective and motivating for patients, while advancing the work of physicians and therapists. Therapy with the BiMeo goes beyond state-of-the-art methods in rehabilitation medicine. The patient is encouraged to use the more affected arm, supported by the movement of the less affected arm, … Continued


Arbutus Medical has developed a $400 alternative to $30,000 surgical drills, allowing safe and effective treatment of patients in resource-constrained settings, as well as in disaster relief. 25 million people are injured in traffic accidents each year, with 90% of that burden in the developing world. Treating these patients with bone injury requires expensive surgical drills; … Continued


The 4DHealth Innovation Simulation Center is a pioneering simulated hospital located in Barcelona, Spain. 4DHealth uses state-of-the-art simulation to recreate the whole health environment in which a variety of real scenarios can be played out by participants. Training via simulation allows the participants to acquire technical and non-technical competencies without exposing training professionals to patients. This results … Continued

How Was Your Visit?

Data collected from patients can help hospitals improve services. In order to do this in real time, ‘How Was Your Visit?’ was developed. It is a short patient experience survey, designed to be carried out on tablets inside hospitals. The app was developed with Imperial College London, and the pilot took place at the National … Continued


Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that, using an innovative health system model, delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the poor. Possible’s Durable Healthcare Model is formed around a public-private partnership, which enables a nonprofit healthcare company to be paid by the government to deliver healthcare within their infrastructure. It combines private sector quality, public sector … Continued


Braci is a product and platform which is able to detect a wide range of sounds in the environment, and deliver a notification about that sound to any medium the user has specified, for example in the form of a message on a screen. Braci can be used to alert deaf individuals or those who … Continued

Mother’s Delivery Kit

Mother’s Delivery Kit contains sterile products a woman needs during childbirth to avoid potentially fatal neonatal complications, such as tetanus due to a lack of clean blades, and sepsis caused by delivering children in unsanitary conditions. The kit is aimed at the 54 million women of childbearing age who live in rural communities across Nigeria … Continued

Pumani bCPAP

The Pumani bCPAP is a low-cost respiratory support device used in the treatment of respiratory illness in infants and young children. The Pumani provides a steady stream of pressurized air into the patient’s lungs to prevent lung collapse and to improve oxygenation. The Pumani has been proven to provide the same level of therapeutic pressure … Continued


Troo Life Coach helps teenagers take healthier life decisions through chat, curated content and rewarded challenges via an app driven by artificial intelligence.


Sensely’s Virtual Nurse connects you to your healthcare provider, gives you information about your health, and monitors your condition 24/7.


Making the parent of the child with autism their child’s communication therapist


Proximie is an augmented reality (AR) platform that allows surgeons to virtually transport themselves into any operating room globally to guide, train, teach and support other surgeons and medical experts. It allows a remote surgeon to effectively “scrub in” and assist in an operation without physically being there. Proximie is HIPAA compliant and already in … Continued


The PID is an orthopaedic implant for amputees that functions as a pain-free, plug&play connector between their body and any prosthetic limb, with the PID we are creating the “USB port” for bionic devices.


Lapkit is a low-cost laparoscopic surgery skills simulator that works on a mobile phone.


Predicting patient-reported outcomes for people with diabetes through passive continuous smartphone sensor data.


Blu(e) provides assistive technologies to treat speech disorders and improve communication.


Muuvit! is an activity based learning programme for children. It inspires children to be physically active and to enjoy learning.


An integrated mobile application providing maternal obstetric and neonatal emergency transportation by leveraging existing mobile technology such as SMS and mobile payments and private taxis. The Maternal and Newborn Emergency Transportation System provides emergency transportation to women facing obstetric complications during delivery and neonates in critical conditions. The system is triggered when a call is … Continued


Fearless Health is a comprehensive health financing package featuring an on-demand credit offering, sold in clinics, which allows underserved consumers to access outpatient healthcare without needing to save up the $8-12 that is usually required to pay for a consultation, drugs and tests.


The LifeguardMOBILE™ solution creates a digital channel to the patient, activating motivated caregivers and delivering a fundamentally new care coordination model, supporting risk based and early intervention.


HC360 is a web-based App enabling clinicians to evaluate and manage patients in a fraction of the time, improving access to care, reducing costs, and providing patients flexibility and convenience.


Glyco Leap is an online program that provides effective, affordable support to live better with Type 2 Diabetes.


Breathe Magic is an evidence-based therapy programme for young people with hemiplegia; occupational therapists work alongside professional magicians to teach magic tricks that develop hand and arm function, cognitive abilities, and independence.


Beat2phone is hardware and an App which enables true-medical grade ECG recording on a smartphone at low cost with high ease-of-use.


Meddy is an online platform to help people find best doctors based on patient reviews and credentials. It’s aimed to help people make informed health decisions based on knowledge. It’s currently the largest online network in Qatar with around 2000 doctors from 250 private clinics in Qatar.


This project presents Design of an electrical interactive refreshable dynamic board that would help out Arab blinds people to read and write English and Arabic in braille. The main idea is to process a PDF file that contains scanned text to imposed Braille language which allows blind people to read via the sense of touch.

Wonder Kit

A multimedia, wearable shirt for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that monitors and intervention based on medical regime, communicating with phone app for management, activation and reporting.

Diabetic Wound Ulcers

The innovation is a teaching device that was designed to create a dynamic simulation system to train caregivers and patients in proper diabetic wound care prior to leaving hospital.

OTTAA Project

The OTTAA Project is a communication platform for speech impaired people that use images and environmental data, allowing the user to create a sentence in 7 seconds.


Home-based testing kits for bacterial infections, an intervention for inappropriate antibiotic use in an urban setting in India. BacKits are used for accurate self-diagnosis which, as a result, leads to decreased inappropriate antibiotic consumption and therefore decreased antimicrobial resistance.

Ammi Service

The Ammi Service is a 2F/3G voice-messaging service aimed at educating expecting women in rural areas about maternal health (“Ammi” means mother in Urdu/Punjabi). The goal is to address the skyrocketing infant mortality rate and lack of access to maternal health info in isolated rural areas.


CR2-Haptic is a compact and portable rehabilitation robot which provides exercise training for wrist and forearm movement. The device can be used by elderly people, stroke survivors and others who need exercises for their hands.


iDrain is a device for patients with plural effusion, occurring in up to 50% of pneumonia cases. It consists of 2 bottles, a collection and a pressure generation bottle that also serves as the reservoir bottle, enclosed in a casing. The device is connected to the chest catheter and the pressure generated causes fluids to … Continued

Khushi Baby

Khushi Baby is an electronic patient health record platform that is wearable, digital, durable, battery free, culturally symbolic, and costs $0.70. It is also a decision-making dashboard (on an android app) for health officials, giving key information to help them set priorities and identify specific actions, including: supply side gaps, health worker performance and follow-up … Continued

Heartstrings TM

Heartstrings TM is an accurate, non-invasive and low-cost technology for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease. By using a person’s usual medical data including ECG and demographic data, and applying a unique artificial intelligence technology, Heartstrings offers a clinically certified decision support tool to doctors and helps them detect heart disease before it is … Continued


“iCommunicate” in Qatar, a multicultural country, majority of the nurses are from the Philippines or India and very few from the Arab countries, which cases language barriers between the Arabic-speaking patients and healthcare workers. iCommunicate has created visual cards (with pictures) with Arabic and English words. These cards will be available for both health care … Continued


SNORELEIF App is a smart algorithm that is able to detect and analyze the snoring sounds that people make while they are sleeping. When a snore sound is detected, the App will notify the sleeper with light and short pulses through a smart watch to make the sleeper shift from the sleeping position that is … Continued


“Sense2beat” physiological signals from portable monitoring devices are often contaminated with a large amount of noise, making data interpretation extremely difficult. At the core of a Sense2beat Automated ECG Detection and Prediction AI tool, is set a unique proprietary method of disturbance filtering that does not necessitate any tentative assumptions and estimations of process dynamics. … Continued


“Taste.li” an AI algorithm, combined with machine learning on their existing user base allowed the innovator, and his team, to come up with a revolutionary solution to one of the biggest concern that today’s prime-spenders are experiencing – imbalanced lifestyle and nutrition!


“Aquscope” is a surgical laparoscope that automates the cleanup process for surgical tools, reduces time spent on surgeries, and facilitates the process by making it easier for the surgeon to operate. Students using the device will also benefit from its internal laser pointer.


A high-resolution camera connected to a mobile phone application to help legally blind people to read and write. 200M people worldwide considered as legally blind because of two diseases called Age related macular degeneration & Retinitis pigmentosa.


Coordinate My Care (CMC) is a clinical service underpinned by a digital solution.  It provides an advance care planning process that empowers clinicians to create quality urgent care plans, transforming care for all vulnerable patients, and delivering improved quality at a reduced cost. It has a robust clinical and information governance infrastructure and reporting facility. … Continued


Visual defects result from late detection and inaccessibility of eye care services. Crispvision eye test kits are affordable and accessible sight-saving kits used to detect eye defects, correct farsightedness, and monitor debilitating eye diseases, such as cataract, onchocerciasis and trachoma.


Electronic-Urban Primary Health Centers (eUPHC) provide comprehensive healthcare and a spectrum of specialist services, such as cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology and medicine through telemedicine systems in India. In a unique public private partnership initiative, Apollo TeleHealth Services leverages ICT to address the unmet need for essential primary health care services among urban poor living in slum … Continued


In partnership with the local Department of Health and Family Welfare, Apollo Hospital’s Himachal Tele-Emergency Project provides affordable, quality urgent care services to communities in isolated regions of hostile climate. This project has offered over 10,000 teleconsultations across 17 specialities at 14,000 feet above sea level. In Kaza and Keylong in Himachal Pradesh, Apollo TeleHealth … Continued


HydrUStent is a biodegradable, antibacterial and tailor-made stent with patent protection. HydrUStent reduces the risk of bacterial infection, while also decreasing the number of surgical procedures by half and cutting treatment cost by 60%.


One Medical is a tech-enabled primary care delivery system with over 70 offices across 8 markets in the United States. By leveraging these technology and office-based platforms to enable self-directed prevention activities, this integrated primary care mental health delivery model facilitates population-level mental well-being screening and provides patients with novel treatment modalities. These mental health … Continued


‘On call: antibiotics’ (OcA) is the first electronic health game for computer and mobile devices dedicated to improving antimicrobial prescribing behaviors in hospital prescribers. Unlike traditional methods of antimicrobial education and quality improvement, OcA focuses on strengthening behaviors for optimal use of antibiotics to resolve the challenges of lack of engagement with education through a … Continued


One of the most challenging aspects of developing a new medicine is understanding how a drug interacts with proteins in the human body and what the results of these interactions will be (e.g. side effects or treatment of certain diseases). OneThree Biotech have developed an artificial intelligence-driven platform that combines over 25 different types of … Continued


Pristina Dueta™ is the first wireless remote-control device that allows patients to control their own breast compression during a mammogram with the guidance of a technician. Patients can adjust the compression to the level that feels right for them – helping reduce discomfort, which is one of the main reasons women avoid mammography screening. It … Continued


Proximie is an innovative reality platform allowing doctors to virtually transport themselves into any clinical setting to collaborate, train, teach and support other surgeons and medical experts, independent of any specific hardware. Proximie is designed by doctors, for doctors. It aims to revolutionize and exponentially scale the delivery of healthcare by reducing costs and improving … Continued


The most critical learning stage in a child’s development occurs within the first years of life, when they acquire the most important vocabulary. Statistics show that children at the age of 6 have almost 1,000 words in their vocabulary. Unfortunately, deaf children only acquire 50 words. This technology offers an early intervention for deaf children … Continued


Healthy.io is the first company to turn the smartphone camera into a regulatory approved clinical device. Using computer vision and patient-centric design, Dip.io digitises urinalysis, a key diagnostic test used across clinical pathways, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, antenatal care and urinary tract infections. Our innovation empowers patients to self-test with no quality compromise and … Continued


The SubQ Assist is a task-shifting medical device that simplifies the administration of long-acting contraceptive implants. By ensuring accurate, safe and consistent insertions, SubQ Assist allows for minimally trained providers (e.g. community health workers) to administer contraceptive implants in rural, underserved areas.


SyntheSci provides instant data location and intelligent integration of scientific research findings. It finds evidence-informed answers at the click of a mouse. Building on all the findings known in the health field, the software platform engages social scholarship to unlock previously hidden solutions, uncovering next avenues for research pursuits and creating immediate evidence-informed solutions.


Tilapia skin is a frugal and effective option to treat patients with second- and third-degree burns. This fish skin contains large amounts of moisture and type I collagen proteins at levels comparable to human skin. This prevents scarring while promoting the healing of wounds. The tilapia skin is processed and sterilized, and it has been … Continued


TechTeb is an Uber-like mobile app for booking healthcare in-house visits according to geographical location. This technology enables patients to schedule in-house medical appointments or services with the nearest available healthcare provider from a variety of medical specialties and services, i.e., medical appointments, medical sciences therapy, medications orders or lab tests. Patients choose home-based medical … Continued


Providing eye care to remotely-based populations is challenging. Short-term campaigns, such as “eye camps”, have service uptake rates of less than 7%. Aravind developed telemedicine-enabled Vision Centers to better meet health needs of remote populations. These centers utilize cloud-based electronic medical records and remote staff technicians. As a result, within two years eye care uptake … Continued


TrustCircle addresses one of the greatest healthcare challenges our society faces today – the decline in emotional well-being. TrustCircle is a mental healthcare startup that utilizes mobile and AI technology to improve emotional resiliency and well-being for all with a focus on prevention, early intervention, and improving public health. TrustCircle is unique as it empowers all individuals to assess, track and learn … Continued


The VeinTrain Vein Flatpack Training System is a ‘flat-pack’ tool that enables practical simulation core training.  It includes QR codes to video training media for app or online use, which accompany the clinical-based structured Learning and Assessment Program used for 12 years across the UK. By sharing these methods and tools it can ensure that … Continued


WATIF is a chronic disease decision management portal, which for the first time places the patient at the center of disease management. The system requires basic, minimal clinical input from healthcare workers, nurses or doctors. The AI-driven decision engine couples dynamic electronic medical record data with basic laboratory tests and prescription history to generate specialist-grade, accurate disease classification, possible … Continued